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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 developer Treyarch has pushed a new update that should help quell the anger over the new specialist, Zero, who was released with the Operation Absolute Zero update.

The main concern has centered around the specialist’s hacking ability, the Ice Pick, which enables Zero to hack into any enemy scorestreak and take control of it, with absolutely no counter. This has resulted in many gamers, amateur and pro alike, to call for sweeping changes to the specialist, in order to bring better balance to Multiplayer.

“In today’s update to Multiplayer, we’ve implemented our first balancing pass on Zero, our new Specialist. As with all new features in Black Ops 4, we’ve been paying close attention to how Zero plays into the overall Multiplayer experience and have tuned some of her abilities accordingly,” Treyarch said in a Reddit post outlining the patch update.

Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Increased amount of time it takes to earn the Ice Pick.
  • Increased time required to hack UAV, Care Package and Counter UAV.
  • Greatly increased the time required to hack Sentry, Drone Squad, Sniper’s Nest, Mantis, Thresher, Attack Chopper and Gunship.
  • Increased time required to hack Torque’s Barricade.
  • Hacking an enemy no longer prevents their healing cooldown.
  • Hacking an enemy Assault Pack now causes it to expire.

While hacking is still around, the above alterations should help limit the over-powered nature of the ability. Overall, it looks like Treyarch is actively listening to user feedback and more balancing updates will likely come in the future (*cough* Prophet).

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