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The much-anticipated launch of Black Ops 4 League Play has been delayed until mid-February, according to a recent post by Treyarch.

The reasoning behind the delay is seemingly tied to a flurry of last-minute changes to the League Play rules, including improvements to the ladder system and restrictions on restrictions on Specialists, maps, modes, weapons, Equipment, Attachments, Perks, Scorestreaks, Wildcards and Gear.

Treyarch previously noted that Black Ops 4 League Play is designed to emulate an esports schedule, where events will be “intense and frequent, but shorter in duration,” and would generally span over weekends or 3-day periods.

However, based on gamer feedback, Treyarch is going to expand each League Play ladder beyond weekends.

“Due to popular demand, League Play at launch will now include events that span across the full week, removing Scrims from the ranked schedule until we’re ready to go live with World League Gauntlets, which will also allow you to contribute to rank by completing a longer series of wins before striking out with three losses,” Treyarch stated in the most recent update.

While gamers await the release of League Play, they will be able to enjoy the Pro Series Moshpit public match playlist, which will exactly match the League Play rules and game restrictions. This should give ample time for gamers to get their competitive classes and strategies in order.

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