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Justin Sun, the CEO of the TRON Foundation, revealed today that one of the TRONĀ (TRX) network’s first games, TronDice, has already paid out more than 200 million TRX ($4.6 million).

According to the game’s website, TronDice is a simple gambling game that allows users to choose a number between 2-100, and the game’s smart contract will then generate a random number from 1 to 100. Odds are determined by the number a user selects, and if the randomly generated number is below that value, the user will win the TRX payout.

Users only need to attach their TronLink wallet that is funded with TRX to begin playing. Bets can be made with any amount of TRX and the game features a leaderboard for the luckiest players.

This news comes a little over a week afterĀ TRONbet, a provably-fair dice game and the first gaming dapp to launch on the TRON blockchain, surpassed the 200 million TRX payout mark, which took only a week from its initial launch.

TRX currently has a $1.49 billion market cap, making it the 10th largest coin in theĀ AltDex 100 Cryptocurrency IndexĀ (ALT100).

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Disclaimer: This articleā€™s author has cryptocurrency holdings that can beĀ tracked here. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. Always conduct your own due diligence before making investments.



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