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Twitch, the live streaming video platform owned by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon (AMZN), is currently hostingĀ TwitchCon 2018, a weekend-long event highlighting the company’s upcoming updates, events and more.

According to anĀ announcementĀ summarizing Friday’s keynote to the event, Twitch is planning a number of major updates and events designed to help the platform and ecosystem grow, connect and thrive.

Perhaps the most notable platform feature coming to Twitch is “Squad Stream,” which will allow for up to four streamers to broadcast together in a single view that is discoverable via any one of their channels. While no exact date has been provided, the company notes that a beta should be released sometime in 2019.

Twitch also revealed that it is planning to expand its esports program, Twitch Rivals, with a goal of doubling in 2019. Additionally, the company is planning on launching a closed beta of Twitch Sings, a karaokeĀ game built exclusively for Twitch streaming, later this year. This indicates a possible interest in entering the game development arena.

Adding to the list of things to come, Twitch unveiled that it has partnered with Snap, Inc. (SNAP) to build a custom extension forĀ Snap Camera, Snap’s brand new standalone desktop app.

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“With the Snap Camera Extension, viewers can use Snapchat to scan the Snapcode on screen to try on the Lens and streamers can reward subs by activating a custom Lens of the streamerā€™s choosing when someone subscribes,” said Twitch in the announcement.

Twitch is also revamping a number of elements found on its homepage and bringing new moderators tools and chat features in upcoming updates.

While TwitchCon has just kicked-off, the event has already shown that 2019 will be on the biggest years yet for the streaming giant.

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Photo:Ā Tim Bartel / Flickr



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