TycoonCoin is a pioneering project reshaping the loan lending industry with the introduction of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Following ICO’s private sale in April, Tycoon Limited, a crypto mining solutions provider, announced the pre-sale launch on the 10th July at a starting price of $0.09 per token with a minimum entry requirement of $100 or ETH, BTC, XRP, LTC, BCH. Interested investors can purchase the ERC-20 based token at this price until the 9th of August.

The company’s innovative project announced a soft cap of $500,000, expecting a successful launch and aiming for a hard cap of $17,137,333.

Dr. Julio Pena, CEO of TycoonCoin, stated: “Observing the cryptocurrency market, we clearly see that numerous ICOs lack effective on-going marketing strategies post ICO phase, resulting in unstable coin price.

We designed Tycoon Coin to stand out from the other ICOs with a clear strategy to invest in marketing and to invest in moderating the coin supply. This way we aim to provide the best conditions and return on investment to the token holders, basing the operations on essential economics principles – supply and demand.”

The fund spending strategy behind the coin focuses on spending 80% on income generating activities, including mining and crypto lending. Operational costs and investment in renewable energy resources are covered by 10% of the generated funds. The remaining 10% focus on innovating and continuous marketing and sales activities.

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The profit spending strategy supports the active engagement of the coin in the exchange market. Once its value increases, Tycoon Limited invests 70% of the profits in buying back tokens from the public market and take them out of circulation by burning them. A high token demand and continuous burning of the token which moderates low supply, combined with bidding between the company and those who wish to buy tokens ensures a stable exchange market position of the coin.

During the first couple of years, 5% of the profits are allocated to marketing activities, 5% are allocated to operational costs and 20% will be invested in income generated activities.

The public sale of the TTC token starts on the 10th of August at the price of $0.12, providing early investors with a 33% investment increase.

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