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Ultra (UOS), a startup blockchain project developing a PC game development platform and marketplace, announced on Friday that it has entered into a strategic partnership with GPU-giant AMD (AMD).

According to the announcement, Ultra and AMD will be working together on marketing activities to promote Ultra’s platform, in addition to the overall benefits of building next-gen game titles using blockchain technology.

AMD also plans to “distribute games to their customers to redeem on Ultra,” which suggests Ultra will be joining Robot Cache, another blockchain-based game distribution platform, on AMD’s “Featured Games” page.

Featured games on AMD’s website (AMD)

Ultra is being built as an alternative to centralized platforms like Steam with a developer-first mentality. The platform plans to offer twice as much revenue as top competitors, easy game porting from popular platforms like Xbox and PlayStation via a universal SDK and simplified game development through financial incentives for beta tests and bug hunting.

“We’re excited to have AMD as a partner because of their dedication to gaming and blockchain technology,” said Ultra Co-CEO Nicolas Gilot. “They saw our value proposition early on and recognized that blockchain is poised to change the face of gaming.”

Joerg Roskowetz, head of blockchain technology at AMD, added, “AMD is excited about the use of blockchain technology for games publishing, licensing and rights management. AMD and Ultra are working together to make next-generation, community-centric game publishing a reality, transforming the way games are purchased, shared and experienced.”

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This news comes several weeks after Ultra announced thatĀ Ubisoft, the French gaming giant known for series likeĀ Assassin’s CreedĀ andĀ Far Cry, has become the first corporate block producer to join Ultra’s testnet.

The platform’s token, UOS, is currently up 27% on the news to $0.0506, bringing the altcoin to a $5.7 million market cap.

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