Grayson Allen, Duke’s senior captain and most hated player since Christian Laettner, chose the Cameron Crazies’ “favorite song” for his introduction and thoroughly destroyed our love of Cascada in the process.

Barstool’s KFC was quick to offer his commentary on the embarrassing video of Allen patronizing the Duke fan base. The song was a terrible choice for a pep rally introduction due to it’s 30 second slow introduction. Duke fans and Allen fill this awkward period with a slow clap, a tactic I’ve never seen during a Cascada song, and one that has become a tradition.

It’s a fairly cool tradition when the entire student section gets into Everytime We Touch during home games, but watching Allen slow clap to a song that came out when he was like 8 years old is just sad.

Here’s a couple chasers to wash it down with…

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