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Waves (WAVES), a blockchain platform centered around a multi-currency wallet with a decentralized exchange, recently partnered with The Abyss, a new game distribution platform focused on MMOs and MMORPGs, to give away 15,000 WAVES in promotion of Chain Warriors.

According to the announcement, Chain Warriors is exclusively available on The Abyss and combines classic RPG mechanics with PvP and PvE battles. The promotional event runs from November 7 to December 7 and features a number of ways to earn WAVES, including in-game tasks, daily nominations to players who upgrade their in-game items, referral nominations and an ongoing social media contest.

“The overall prize fund depends on the number of active players and can go as far as $12,000,” stated The Abyss. “Find more about the rules on Chain Warriors official game page on The Abyss platform and on the dedicated promo page. Further marathon updates can be found in Chain Warriors and The Abyss official news channels. The results and winners will be announced on December 12, 2019.”

Various in-game Chain Warriors items can also now be traded for Waves tokens on the Item Market, a digital marketplace developed by Waves.

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