WBF Exchange will be officially listing JCC – a solution to global cross-border remittance problems

MANILA, Philippines–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Junca platform is a platform that helps Asia’s economy through international money transfer, currency exchange, on/offline finance and other financial services. Junca Cash (JCC) will be officially listed on WBF Exchange at 11:00 am on the 28th of Jan, 2020.

The Junca platform has worked with the Philippine government last spring to carry out the financial technology service business led by the Philippines. The greatest advantage of the platform is to provide JCC holders with cheap and high-quality cross-border remittance experience. JCC project will obtain the existing 10 billion transaction points.

In addition, the “atom”, ATM of Junca platform can exchange digital assets with fiat currency, which has been launched in major cities of the Philippines in the spring of 2020. The Philippine government approved the promotion of “atom” to solve the problem of cross-border remittance of overseas Philippine workers by using blockchain technology.

Junca cash will conduct IEO in the WBF exchange on February 20th.

Please follow the platform to get the latest information.


Company Name: Junca Philippines Inc.

Contact Person: BiARD S.Okuno

Email: juncafintech@gmail.com
Website: https://junca-coin.com/

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