We’ve found a new contender for the internet’s most pointless website: Created by Ohio State fan Austin Hutchinson, the single-page site features a looped GIF of Brady Hoke clapping while the Tennessee fight song, ‘Rocky Top,‘ blares in the background.

The website’s clap counter offers an incentive to see how long you can withstand Hoke clapping, so the site isn’t totally pointless. A Reddit user posted a screenshot that may be the record at 10,192 claps. We certainly don’t want to listen to ‘Rocky Top’ for that long, so it’s kind of impressive.

We were surprised to learn that the average time on site is 1:14, which is a fairly long time for people to spend watching a few second GIF. It’s definitely a niche website, but it’s still bigger than 78% of websites with almost 2,000 visitors a day.

According to Extra Mustard, Hutchinson says he created the site because he “saw the chance to poke fun at Michigan’s coach, who is infamous for not wearing a headset and clapping.” While Hoke is no longer Michigan’s coach, Hutchinson has found a way to keep the site relevant: using the Tennessee fight song (where Hoke is the interim head coach).

It’s been several years since Hoke clapped his way to a 5-7 season with the Wolverines, but the website is funny nonetheless. While he’s off to a rocky 0-2 start in Knoxville, at least he’s wearing a headset on the sideline these days.

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