Here’s What You Need to Know About League of Legends Patch 9.1

Aatrox’s new prestige skin in 9.1 via

Riot Games released the full details of patch 9.1, for League of Legends on Wednesday, highlighting multiple adjustments to champions, jungle items and abilities, as well as other general bugfixes.

The most notable changes in the first patch of 2019 are to champions like Kalista, Ornn, and Sejuani. Riot claims that each champion is stronger in pro play than regular play, due to increased communication associated with the former.¬†“In all three cases, we’re reducing the utility they offer to coordinated teams and offering them strength that’s less tied to perfect timing, positioning, or communication,” Riot states.

Apart from these three champions, Riot has buffed a¬†“bunch” of¬†marksmen characters. This includes general stat buffs, as well as improvements to unique strengths for each respective marksman that received¬†a buff.

For instance,¬†Ashe now gains assist credit if a previously-unseen enemy is killed within 10 seconds of being revealed by Hawkshot and Riot enhanced Xayah’s unique ability to keep enemies where she wants them as she tosses and recalls her feathers.

All-in-all, the response from the LoL community seems to be positive, as many have said marksmen were out of balance for the greater part of 2018.

Season 9 of League of Legends will start on January 23, with the launch of patch 9.2.

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