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Limit, North America’s top-ranked World of Warcraft PVE guild, has partnered with health and nutrition supplement company GNC to help fuel the team as it advances through “Battle for Azeroth“, the game’s seventh expansion pack.

According to the announcement, Limit has identified lack of proper nutrition as one of the largest contributors to fatigue for the team. This ultimately hurts productivity and hinders raid advancement.

“During our progress through Uldir, our raiders were so pumped to be doing as well as we were, that adrenaline took over where poor nutrition was lacking,” said Max Smith, Limit Guild Master and Raid Leader. “We had raiders who were not eating and not sleeping, and ultimately burning out when we needed our team to be at its best. When we saw the opportunity to work with GNC to help aid us with that problem going into Battle of Dazar’alor, it seemed like the perfect fit.”

Not only will GNC provide nutritional supplements and other products, Limit notes in the announcement that Casey Nickell, GNC Innovation Council Member and Franchise Owner, will also be providing nutritional guidance to the team.

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This marks one of the more unique sponsorship deals to date and highlights the variety of ways Twitch and other platforms allow traditional video gamers to monetize their gameplay through marketing.

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Photo: Foton AFKGamer / Flickr

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