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Charles Hoskinson, the co-creator of both Cardano (ADA) and Ethereum (ETH), had a humbling Friday in New York City.

The journeyman traveler, who commonly documents his trips around the world on social media, was all set to go live for an interview with Yahoo Finance, as part of a larger NYC media tour.

However, Hoskinson was facing some steep competition for attention on Friday, as rideshare giant Lyft (LYFT) went public, raising $2.2 billion at a $20.5 billion valuation (Cardano raised $62.2 million in its ICO). As if one of the biggest IPOs of the year wasn’t enough, shares opened up over 20%, erasing the remaining interest in Hoskinson’s interview.

As a result, Hoskinson was bumped from Yahoo Finance’s programming in lieu of further Lyft coverage. The series of events is perfectly depicted in Hoskinson’s own Twitter coverage:

Of course, Lyft has been a hot subject over the past few weeks as the company’s IPO represents the largest gig economy startup to go public, indicating to many that we are currently late cycle.

Lyft priced its initial public offering at $72 a share on Thursday, valuing the company at around $20.5 billion. The amount was above its original proposed price range of $62 to $68. Shares ended the first day of trading up 8.74% to $78.29, giving the rideshare giant a $22.25 billion market cap.

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As for Hoskinson, he strongly recommends everyone avoid Yahoo Finance in the future.

“Not only was I bumped, the producers didn’t seem to care and didn’t apologize for wasting our time. I wouldn’t recommend anyone from crypto going on Yahoo Finance. It’s not a professional operation.”

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